Recycled glass kitchen worktop

Spotlight on: Worktops (Part 2)

4th January 2020

Apart from the traditional granite or wood we talked about in Part 1, it’s possible to have your worktops made from just about any material you can think of. Recycled glass, stainless steel, composites, and quartz are a few of the worktops we’ve sourced for clients over the years, and you could even have polished […]

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Spotlight on: Worktops (Part 1)

12th December 2019

Your kitchen worktops are probably the most hardworking surfaces in your home. They have to withstand heat, stains, heavy pans, and damage from knives, all while remaining a hygienic surface on which to prepare food. Some materials do this better than others, so here’s the first part of our guide to choosing the right worktop […]

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