Spotlight on: Worktops (Part 2)

4th January 2020

Recycled glass kitchen worktop

Apart from the traditional granite or wood we talked about in Part 1, it’s possible to have your worktops made from just about any material you can think of. Recycled glass, stainless steel, composites, and quartz are a few of the worktops we’ve sourced for clients over the years, and you could even have polished concrete.

Composite worktops are probably the most common from this list, and brand names include Corian, which was the first composite or ‘solid surface’ material of its type to appear in the 1960s, patented by DuPont. It’s retro’ appearance makes it popular, plus the fact that it can be pieced together without any joins showing, and moulded into sinks or other curved shapes. It’s not a cheap option and does still need some care to protect from cuts, staining and heat damage, but if your dream kitchen features a large, seamless, hi-gloss area in an interesting colour, it’s worth considering a composite like Corian.

Composite kitchen worktop materials