Perfection without compromise – it is as simple as that

There is no greater satisfaction in having a piece of furniture hand-crafted just for you – in the size, proportions and style to suit its location, as well as in the material, colours and detailing of your choice. Imagine a kitchen that really fits! Not designed around a modular unit system, but designed around the room it is to live in and the unique way in which you will use it.

Only by combining environmental and personal requirements into the furniture design can it become totally unique. Uncompromisingly perfect for you and your home.

Bespoke is not just a description of what we do. It also describes how we do it. We treat each customer as an individual. We take the time to listen and understand your unique requirements and take great care and attention to detail, to interpret your dream into reality.

But Surely This Comes at a Price?

You will be surprised to discover what great value Back to Basics can offer. Our secret is that we are compact, efficient and have low overheads – we do not want to grow into a multi-national company – we simply enjoy making beautiful, affordable woodwork that people can appreciate for a lifetime.

As a guide to help you plan your budget, we’ve included prices alongside our case studies of a range of recently completed projects. Click on the right-hand box to find out more.